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2005 JERRY GARCIA B'DAY BASH   Season Two, Set 4  

Bob Weir & RatDog - Interview>Ashes and Glass
Words and music from a master. This is what it's all about, kids...listen and learn.


Favorite Jerry Moments
Col. Bruce Hampton, members of Ekoostik Hookah and more remember Jerry.


The Codetalkers - Ike Stubblefield
Jimmy Herring & Col. Bruce tear it up with Bobby Lee and the boys on this modern day classic!

BIG SUMMER CLASSIC 2005   Season Two, Set 3  

Umphrey's McGee (w/Michael Kang, Keller Williams & Jeff Austin) - Black Water
Cross pollination was the name of the game, and this was a goodie! More Umph on the DVD!


Yonder Mountain String Band (w/Keller Williams & Brendan Bayliss) - New Speedway Boogie>Freeborn Man
On the 10th anniversary of the Grateful Dead's final show in Chi-town, Yonder begins the guests portion of their set with a GD masterpiece and a countryfied classic!


BIG Summer Classic Sights
Were you there? Then you might be here!!! Check out the fun, w/opening comments from SCI's Keith Mosely.

WAKARUSA 2005   Season Two, Set 2  

The String Cheese Incident - "Getting Negative w/SCI" Interview>Outside and Inside Jam
Questions like "what do you HATE most about traveling?" and "what's the one album you would NOT take to a desert island?" attempt to get music's most positive band to bitch just a little!


Railroad Earth - Mighty River
Special Wakarusa "Ass Deep" version.


An Honest Tune Magazine - Behind the "Scene"
Insight into one of music's finest publications with Editor-In-Chief Tom Speed.


Tea Leaf Green - Warmup>Freedom
WOW!!!!!! Talk about on fire!!!!!!

SUMMER CAMP 2005   Season Two, Set 1  

Keller Williams - Day that Never Was
Just a small sampling from 20 minutes of Keller "In the Spotlight."


MOE. - The Ghost of Ralph's Mom
A show opener that most would be proud to call an encore.


Hot Buttered Rum - Firefly>Veggie Bus Tour>Well-Oiled Machine
Veggie-fueled bluegrass from the west coast captures the heart of Illinois.


RAQ - Shirley be a Drooler>The Anthem of Beauregard
From Burlington Vermont to the Summer Camp late night stage, these boys came to play.

THE GREAT UNKNOWN 2004   Season One, Set 6  

Stockholm Syndrome - Tarantula Hawk
Dave Schools, Jerry Joseph, and the Ozark mountains...need we say more?


Speakeasy - Jimmy
"Jimmy was a company man..."


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Fourth Aye
Watch, listen, drop jaw.


Further Foods - Behind the "Scene"
Great pizza, greater people. Look for 'em on the circuit, and tell 'em we said "hi."

2004 FALL RIPPLEFEST   Season One, Set 5  

The Recipe - Typical Angel
Joe Prichard and Julie Edlow serve it up saucy and sassy for one of Julie's final performances with the band.


Ritchey Brothers Band - Sigmond
Another great band you've never heard of.


Smokestack - A Leg and a Foot
Top-shelf songwriting (as usual) from the band whose music opens every edition of JamCam Chronicles.


Kidz Jam - Behind the "Scene"
Cuz kidz wanna Jam, too!

2004 FALL HOOKAHVILLE   Season One, Set 4  

Ekoostik Hookah - Spiders
The pride of the midwest comes out smokin' at the bi-annual classic.


Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Apparently Nothin'
The saxman cometh, and blows the house down!


Hookahville Tour - Behind the "Scene"
One golf cart, two band members, and a whole lotta twirlin' hippies!


Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors - You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks
A 1971 Funkadelic classic gets a new millenium update by the master himself.

JERRY BASH 2004   Season One, Set 3  

Railroad Earth - Head
Pure Bliss in the afternoon sun at Sunshine Daydream Farm.


The Davisson Brothers Band - Franklin's Tower
A band you've never heard of doing a version you'll not soon forget!


New Monsoon - Continental Divide
An unreleased gem from one of JamCam's favorite discoveries.


KindPhotos.com - Behind the "Scene"
Pure passion for people and pictures. A close-up look at the work of photographer Todd Brunozzi.

SMILEFEST 2004   Season One, Set 2  

Yonder Mountain String Band - Sideshow Blues
A Todd Snider classic "Yonderfied" to perfection.


The Waybacks - I've Been Around
Bob Weir's favorite band, and for damn good reason.


Perpetual Groove - Sundog
Almost 100 degrees that day, but the stage was even hotter!


Rock the Earth - Behind the "Scene"
Defending the planet one beat at a time.

ALL GOOD 2004   Season One, Set 1, and our very 1st Jammy Award nominee!  

Umphrey's McGee "In the Spotlight" - Utopian Fir>Thin Air>Interview>Thin Air
An early indepth look at a monster to be.


Assembly of Dust - Amplified Messiah
The JamCams capture an intense performance from Reid Genauer and his "assembly" of amazing musicians.


Disco Biscuits - Basis for a Day
Late night "All Good" chaos!


Jazz Mandolin Project - Oh Yeah
The first clip from our first "official" release sets the precedence!

SUMMER CAMP 2004   Season One "soundcheck" subscriber only bonus edition. Out of print and a real collector's item!  

Tea Leaf Green - Vote on Tuesday
An early JamCam classic. We knew...did you?


Jeff Austin (YMSB) - Cuckoo's Nest>Follow Me Down
One man, one mandolin, and one happy crowd!


Leftover Salmon - Mama Boulet


Groovatron - Pie Flap>Hole in the Fishtank
Never heard of 'em? Leave it to JamCam!


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